Friday, April 6, 2007

April Showers

Little peek

I have had so many ups and downs today I might as well be on a roller coaster. Some of it is just these gosh darn sensitve pregnancy hormones (indicating to me there's a girl o nthe way) but what a flippin' annoying day!

UP bagels for breakfast, DOWN 11 yead old with attitude UP cutting some cute thriftstore jeans of bellas into capris DOWN recycling didn't get picked up and I was worried I'd have to take it myself UP they finally showed up DOWN Fed Ex guy shows up...who is sending me something fed ex?! (I hate mail remember) UP It's my and hubs new phones DOWN couldn't resist going to lunch with the kids because I wanted a salad with all the fix'ns sooo bad and feel sooo guilty for eating out so often UP it was yummy DOWN UP DOWN UP ugh! And it hasn't ended yet! I have to finish the post quickly so I can go pick up a dinner left for someone who isn't home by someone else who is at home prego more than me and has a sleepy toddler and this neighbor friend of the person gone refuses to keep it in their fridge! Does that make sense? I'll have to explain what I do for my church sometime...

Good: Hubs got called in to work on another film project tonight, it was 10 degrees cooler, I have a baggie of caramels mmmm, a thunderstorm may be headed this way???, and I'm working on a project for my kids' bedroom (sneak peek above) that I will share when it is completely done.

Sorry for the venting :)

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Raesha D said...

You are a crackup! Vent all you want my dear:) What are you all doing tomorrow? We're heading to the Cabezon easter egg hunt at 11.