Monday, April 2, 2007

What is it about jewelry???

What is it with jewelry
Among my hobbies, if I were to make a list for you to read, I don't think I'd even remember to put jewelry making on my why is it I've been making jewelry so much lately?

In fact, aside from loving some unique pieces like my small things ring that I wear every day since I bought it for my 30th b'day almost 2 years ago, and maybe an occasional fiber necklace, I'm not a jewelry girl. I even turned down a having a diamond engagement ring (too much bling for me lol)

Thinking back on my jewelry experiences, I went a little trendy in the 80's (loved my 14k gold unicorn pendant ha ha!) In the 90's it became more about self expression and symbolism...a crystal, a funky silver mouse bead (I'll have to show you some time), and a pierced nose!

I think what has happened is jewelry has once again evolved...into something a little more than simple self expression...maybe even a vice of sorts, a way to show who I am, what I can do and in return it brings me comfort. That in this difficult time for me, I still know who "me" is.


Amy said...

I don't know, but whatever "it" is, I love it. There is something about digging through mountains of beads, something about thinking up a design and then drawing it and sawing it out of metal and then sanding and polishing and patina-ing and in the end, making a piece of art that means something to me and hopefully speaks to someone else too. I guess it's safe to say that part of "it" is the process, but then, I think most of us creative types enjoy the process. Okay, done rambling :).

Ali said...

I'm seeing you on bloglines, but not on your blog too. Have no experience of this to offer advice. Maybe try republishing your index?? Good luck.