Friday, April 13, 2007

Rainy Day

randomish pics I am blogging
It's a beautifully gloomy rainy favorite I am essentially shooting these pics in the dark. You'll have to pardon the graininess, as adjustments to shoot during this lovely rainy day mean loadsa grain :)

I've been trying to get a post done for a couple of days (STILL TIME TO ENTER THE GIVE AWAY) but have yet to finish any projects to post about...and you guys just dont love me unless I post pretty things (or give something away lol)

Here's two pics of things I received lately. A wonderful bag from Dawn's blog birthday give away (filled with all kinds of goodies!!!) And a nice stack of some of my favorite mags from Raesha! I have been resisting the urge to buy magazines right now because of all the stuff going on...a bit too extravagant ha ha! (some great things happened though this week!)

randomish pics I am blogging randomish pics I am blogging

A couple weeks ago I made this bank for my kids to save all the random loose change around the house. They think that if they save enough they will be able to go to Disneyland ;) And some chenille yarn I used for a crocheted wash cloth for part of my girl's game night gift that Raesha went home's like sunshine

randomish pics I am blogging0401 112 randomish pics I am blogging

And I AM working on things... Creating Random Art Pieces or C.R.A.P. as I call it (my own personal revolution agains W.I.P.) heh heh. So a picture of my cluttered table. And a pile of SWEET clementine oranges (only $4 for a bag of 20+ Jess! sorry) These are as good as candy at our house right now! I have to severely limit T-man's intake!

randomish pics I am blogging randomish pics I am blogging

I need to do another post today. Lain gave me a thinking blogger award for my photo blog with very nice comments, so I've got to come up with a list too!


dawn said...


I love it. That is me all over these days. I especially like that it doesn't mention "unfinished" or "in progess" because that puts pressure on to finish it. Nice.

Jess said...

I am seriously jealous of your fruit! Just looking at the pictures makes my mouth water. Walmart had some today for 7$ a box, but it was typical walmart produce, so we passed. You deserve edible rays of sunshine right now, so I'm happy for you, jealous, but happy!