Wednesday, April 18, 2007

My to do list

I'm going to Durango, CO for a few days with my kids. Hubs is staying here to work on a script and a documentary. We're going with my sista and her kids and staying with my grandparents. My grandma is uber crafty and actually has more hobbies/skills than I do! Here's some things on my list

1. Make something for brand new Molly
2. Finish using up yellow chenile by crocheting another washcloth (might need to bring more yarn. I find crocheting washcloths to be relaxing and productive.
3. Maybe make a ring? My grandma is a silversmith and I have no patience for requires to much delicacy...maybe she can help me.
4. Take the kids to this really cool pool!
5. TRY to wake up before the kids one morning to enjoy a cup of tea and toast.
6. THRIFT at one of the best thriftstores anywhere.
7. hike around the lake
8. Visit the Strater Hotel's open house (120 years old!)
9. Stay up late with my sista
10. Go with the flow


Raesha D said...

Have a GREAT time! When do you get home??? Are you going with N or with A??? You should check out the Durango quilt shop if you have time:):)

dawn said...

Have a lovely holiday. Your "to do" list looks pretty balanced, well done!

faun said...

that sounds like a wonderful list. i've always always always wanted to do silver-smithing. i'm taking a class this summer.yay. Enjoy yourself!