Saturday, April 28, 2007

Shopping the Thrifty Way


Raesha had a fabulous idea that after we dropped our kiddos off at church for their activity, we should go hit some yard sales! Sunny and a potential high of 80 degrees provided yard salers everywhere with perfect yard saling weather. Which offered yard saling customers ample opportunity to spend money!!!

A couple weeks ago Reasha kind of chuckled at me when I told her I had a "list" of things I yard sale for...see she's more of a treasure finder and I'm more of a woman on a mission. But you know what happens to my list when I go saling with a treasure finder? :) I end up with loads of treassures I wasn't even looking for! :)

Raesha found a tiny velvet jacket and skirt set that I bought C-bug for only $2. She also found me this corner shelf($1!) which IS on my list:

corner shlef

That's C holding it up where it will go in her soon as we find the drill charger.

Also found: lidless flour canister (above) that I will probably use for a flower pot because I love puns(25 ¢), a nice big stack of golden books($2), science kit ($1), vintage cloth diaper cover to use for a pattern (25 ¢), 2 canvas bags for grocery shopping ($1.50), 2 shadow boxes ($1 each), and 10 eyelet purple doc martens for c ($2). I think that was it LOL. Keep an eye on Raesha's blog, she scored too!


Raesha D said...

I just noticed that I even got a little sunburnt today:):) I had an awesome time!!! I found so much wonderful stuff:):) Thank you for spending part of your day with me:):)

denise said...

The shelf is fantastic! I just love the personality of it versus a boring corner shelf. :)

iHanna said...

Wow, those are great finds. The shelf is sooo pretty. I hope yard sales will come to Europe soon, we just don't do them here, and that is to bad!

Regina said...

Don't you just love thrifting! You got some great stuff. I love the flour vase (ha!) and that corner shelf is a steal!! Great find!

Lucy said...

Oh you did find some fun items, I would have snagged up the flour container and shelf too in a heart beat!