Thursday, April 5, 2007

The Vintage Girl and The White Spider

B and an apron top

My poor Baby B! Her big sister was her age 8 years ago. You wouldn't think kid's clothes could look that outdated in such a short amount of time, but that is what we are finding. So the poor chica has very few hand me downs and even fewer summer clothes of her own. Being frugal, and a bit tight on funds :) I've been making her an item of clothing a week (I'd like to do more, but sewing clothing requires I be in a specific good mood.) Last week it was a pair of pink plaid capris. This week, this long top inspired by this flickr fave and reminding me of old 30's dresses you might see on "Our Gang."

It's funny how many of us treasure those by gone eras...thinking of them as simpler, when really I imagine they were so much more complex for house wives like me. And yet I still want to grab a bit of that simple life for my own:

Clothespin bag

After years of staring at this fabric on my shelf, I finally got around to making it into a vintage inspired clothepin holder! Some day I'll have a clothesline to go along with it!

And this lovely spider was spotted sitting on my car knitting up the most silky shawl I had ever seen!

White spider

OHHH and I wanted to point out some additions to my side bar ---> I have a small list of other places to find me and one of things I do to waste my time. Including browsing my cousin Rob's vintage clothes on ebay. He's got a great little shop in Riverside, CA called Rob's Vintique...way too cool for someone like me ;) He cracks me up! He just started a bike club with his friends. To me it's like watching some alternative college band or a Wes Anderson movie! You have to go over to his ebay shop if you love vintage tops! You should also go over to see one of his models who is a spitting image of Donny Osmond...if Donny was a little LESS country, a little bit MORE Rock 'n' Roll. ;)


Raesha D said...

I love Baby B's top!! So cute!! I'm getting ready to clean out Miss S's clothes again...when I get done I'll bring a bag by to see if there's anything you want for B. Love you!!!

Dorie said...

That spider is too creepy/pretty!