Friday, April 13, 2007

So to my thinking bloggers...thinkingblogger_4

Well, I'm not saying this to be polite, but I have to reciprocate to Lain. Her blog is part knitting, part scrapping, part thoughts, and part book else can one provoke thought!?

The War According to Me is actually written by Raesha's brother. I don't read it regularly, but instead do a catch up read of a zillion posts. I have to be in the right mood mentally to read about the war. I started off a supporter, became a skeptic, love our troops and their families for doing so much, and in the end seriously worry about the world because of politicians and business "men" every where.

Jenny Vorwaller I mean, c'mon! The girl and her family ups and moves to South America from Virginia! I probably think about her once a week, everytime I think about moving my life elsewhere, trying to figure out why she did it and how she did it. She has an elegant and classical style that carries into her jewelry making, decorating, wardrobe and over all style.

Andrea and her Super Hero Journal Lately there's a lot about her sweet new little boy, but really do some reading and you find a soulful, insightful, wise woman. A lot of valuable lessons I have learned from reading her blog, mondo beyondo list for one ;) She's a life coach by the way and once worked for SARK.

And a photoblogger I am completely intimidated by and she doesn't even realize how good she is! (I don't think) Amy Coffey I think we have the same passion, but she seems to have more time and a more willing child then my little B. Her work challenges me to think abnout what I am doing and how I go about doing it.

Now the rest of you just inspire or intimidate thinking involved ;)

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AmyC said...

Wow. I think this just might be the nicest compliment & sweetest surprise that I've received as a photographer! Seriously.

Thank you so much for saying such nice things. No, you're right...I don't think I'm anywhere near good enough to be mentioned in a post like this or in this context. LOL! I really appreciate your kind words. :-)