Saturday, April 14, 2007

Second Hand Saturday

B in Miss S's clothes

I used to do a thing called second hand saturday on my old blog. Well today we are going out to do it again. Even though yesterday was sooo rainy, today is a bit brighter so maybe we'll find some yard sales???

And are you like me? Do you wake up in the morning and hope, hope, HOPE that your kids or roomies, or the first person you see is going to be in a good mood so you can be in a good mood too? Fortuantely that's what is going on so far here. This is Miss B dressing up in second hand clothes (from the lovely Miss S.) She's got a couple of shirts on and a pair of pants 2 sizes too big! What a nut!

Hopefully I'll have a juicy scond hand update for you later :)

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