Friday, December 11, 2009

Dec 11 me standing on the toilet

me today Did I already explain why in all these pictures I am standing on a toilet with my head cut off?
1) It's the only place I can take a good full body (minus head) self portrait without setting up a tripod
2) Usually I like how the flash bounces off the ceiling in the bathroom
3) Once I am on the toilet I can't see my head in the mirror. If I bring my camera down low enough I can get my funny mug in the picture but it also means there is a very bright flash in my face!

thrifted cardigan 3.99
blouse: Target clearance >$5
jeans: Old Navy from my sister
boots: My newest treasure found at the thrift store $8!!!

Today my sista brought me Krispy Kreme from our newly reopened bakery. We ran errands and dropped our Christmas postcard in the mail. We ate zuppa toscano among other yummies for lunch. Later we're heading to the church Christmas dinner.... turkey dinner, I hear!


brianna saban said...

HOT DAMN!!!!!!!!

love this outfit!!!!!

bethany dawn burns said...

This outfit GORGEOUS!!!!! I love it too! :)

Risa said...

I am so jealous of your luck with thrift shops, but jealous in a good happy way!

The Good Report said...

love that top