Thursday, December 3, 2009

December 3


So this is the ornament I made for Life in the Lyon's Den ornament swap. I hand crafted each paper house and used gumball machine containers for the domes. pretty nifty, huh?

ornament swap

And apparently getting dressed with the intention of wearing something nice (rather than the lounge pants or jeans and a tee, or mafia style jogging suit... well anyway, it's becoming a habit and a way to keep me on task through out the day.

getting dressed
This outfit is one of my favorite pairs of very straight legged baggy pants (reminds me of womens 1940s pants), a striped Old Navy T-shirt that my sis gave me after she accidentally ordered 2, a thrifted cardigan (about $6?) and a refurbished necklace made from a thrifted necklace and a big red bead from one of my other sistas.

This picture is a reminder to me to
a) clean my bathroom mirrors
b) get a pedi some time this winter
see ya tomorrow, I got to get back to posting a client gallery.


Carin said...

i love ornaments...especially those that are handmade!!! what a quaint Christmas scene you created!

Marieke said...

Haven't been visiting blogs a lot lately, so I totally missed out on these. Now I've seen them I'm crossing my fingers one of these gorgious globes will be in my package when it arrives!