Monday, December 14, 2009

me and e on dec 14

me and e today I didnt start the day in this outfit. I was completely dressed in straight legged gray slacks, a geometric patterned blouse with a black undershirt and coordinated necklace. I just needed to slip my shoes on and grab a sweater.

However, I began to feel the pinch of the waistband around my middle and decided a bit too many cookies this month (+ a couple of sodas and a bucket load of cocoas with donuts sprinkled here and there) meant that I would need to pull out my most favorite comfy jeans. I've had them for about 5 years, they stretch more and more as the day goes on. The hems are frayed beyond recognition and in my skinny days these are too big for my bum... perfect! Especially since I planned on making (and eating) gingerbread cookies later ;)

E found me in the bathroom standing on the toilet (as usual) and wanted in on this picture thing. She had on the perfect mixed outfit too! Her t-shirt is a hand me down from a friend (belonging to our miss b)and the tutu is from Target last Christmas. It sparkles and twirls and both girls still fit into them. They wore them yesterday to church. E wore hers with stockings and her brothers Gap navy blue sweater with a big snowflake on the front that he wore 5 years ago! Both my littles have gotten away with wearing it and looking adorable!

On me:

my old reliable jeans
shirt: thrifted $5
purple t: Target
Cardigan: Target

my new Env3 with unlimited text and data plan
Coffeemate's Peppermint mocha creamer in plain ol' walmart cocoa
Christmas Classic station on Pandora
this gingerbread cookie recipe
Lain's 5 easy handmade gifts
oh and then there's this:

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