Tuesday, December 8, 2009

dec 8 Our day started off at about 5 am. An ice storm ripped in and pounded our house with pellets. It began snowing in parts of town and then the thunder and lighting! Something like this inevitable means school would be affected some how. And though things were sunny in spite of the cold wind, our side of town was pretty decent. But a look across the river we could see snow and probably ice. So seeing as how our district takes up the entire city of Albuquerque and the buses park over on the other side of the river, our district gave us a 2 hour delay.

After finally getting everybody off to school I grabbed a load of fabric soon to be cute skirts for kiddos and drove up to my sister's. We ate some nummy chili, cut fabric, gossiped and laughed. We ran and errand and then the kids all came home. sigh

But I had cookies to bake and a cookie exchange to go to. Ah friends and sugar! Two of my favorite things! :)

Basic black t
new leggings form target
clearance target necklace
target flats
thrifted linen dress $6

Was told by my 13 year old, "CUTE!"


Risa said...

I agree with your 13 yr old, CUTE! So those kiddo skirts...do we get to see them?!

jess said...

this is one of my faves!