Friday, December 4, 2009

dec 4



me todayHad such a busy day. So many errands. Too many kids (parent teacher conferences this week.)

After talking about my daily chosen clothes and saying something about putting more effort into what I wear... not the ordinary jeans and T, I suddenly had a craving for jeans and a T. I had a photoshoot with my nieces so I wanted to wear something comfy and functional. I dressed it up with my gap cardigan you havent seen yet, a hand knit navy blue scarf, straight legged jeans and some plaid tennies. I bought both tops at Walmart last year. I really really really try to stay far away from walmart clothes purchases because typically the quality isnt that great, walmart is an evil giant, sweatshops, etc. but this blue t is an organic one I picked up for $5! Could you pass up organic cotton for $5? I dare you! The red and white striped one underneath was a happy find. I hunted everywhere last winter for a red and white striped t after falling in love with one in the Boden catalog. I couldn't find anything under $30!!! Then happened across this one while picking up dog food for only $8. I am told I like to justify things often... oh well, I look cute ;)

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