Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wardrobe Wednesday

my thrifted and clearance outfit today
ok I am not actually starting a ritual Wardrobe Wednesday, but this is one of a few things I actually loved today. (Wednesday is early dismissal for the elementary kiddos and it's smack dab when Little E needs her nap.)

I found this dress last night at Walmart. My first thought when I saw it was e-gads that is bright and hideous! Then I thought about how cute it would be with my boots and new cardi. Then I thought about how it was walmart and really made like crap in a foreign country probably by children. But then I saw the price tag $1! Sorry, couldn't pass up a dress for a buck!(or the similar blue one for the same price!!!)

The whole outfit with the exception of the shirt is either clearance or thrifted:
dress $1
boots: new old navy @ saver's thrift store last year 9.99
stockings: clearance $1
vintage pin (on waist): 1.99 @ savers
cardigan that I wore with it but not in the picture: NEW w/tags GAP @ savers $14! (original price tag said $45)

I LOVE clothes you wear in the cooler weather! Layers of tops, tanks, boots, leggings, sweaters. Best stuff! Some of my favorite style blogs:
Cardigan Empire
Have a Cute Day
What I wore
Some Girls Wander(of Black Apple fame... I'll take one of the cute necklaces from her shop!)

Oh, and yes, I stand on my toilet to do shots like this! Wanna make fun of me? meet you on the playground after school tomorrow! ;)

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jess said...

I want to go to Walmart right now and find one for me, that us so dang cute!!!