Monday, December 7, 2009

dec 7

the magic coat This is my magic coat! I bought it last year (or the year before?) on clearance at Target. Here is a classic story of why I call it the magic coat:

My 5 year old and I were on a shopping trip to Michaels. I was on a quest for the perfect trim for my ornaments for the swap. As I reach towards the silver braided cord a woman leans towards me and says,
"Your coat is beautiful!"
"Thank you, " I reply.
"Do you know that lady?" my little girl asks.
I tell her, "No. She was just complimenting me on my magic coat."
"Magic?!" she laughs.
I explain, "This coat is magic because anytime I wear it people say nice things to me. They tell me how beautiful I look, how they love my coat, or just other nice things. And so I call it my magic coat because it seems to cast a spell on people."

We approach the register as I finish my explanation. Suddenly my girl exclaims,
"Mama! That lady has your coat!"
Sure enough a lady checking out has the same coat draped over her arm. We look at each other and smile. I explain, "I was just telling my daughter about this coat being magic. Do people compliment you whenever you wear it?"
The lady tells us how she bought 2 of them. One was for a friend. She tells us that people love the coat and that she remembers seeing me at the post office a year ago in my coat! We chat for a good 5 minutes as the lady in front of me and then I check out. We walk out to the car with the other magic coat owner. I find out she is the owner of a local spa and her name is Monica(!!! in NM if you're monique you might as well answer to monica too!) She invites us to a big holiday extravaganza at her spa. Unfortunately, the coat's magic powers do not help with memory and I just remembered we forgot all about the party! Darn it! oh well, still magic.

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