Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Duke's First Annual Polar Express Party

A couple of days ago, prior to suddenly asking my sister and her family over for dinner, and just before the impromptu Christmas Dinner party (at which 28 people crammed into my home, more than half of them being under the age of 13!) I had suddenly decided to host a Polar Express party.

Initially, I was just feelin' jealous of parents I know with fewer than 4 kiddos who can just drive up to Colorado and buy a few tickets for the Polar Express train ride. Then I read an article about how we try so hard, as adults, to grasp the magic of Christmas. The excitement we felt as we went to bed Christmas Eve. The joy and surprise when we opened our present. The warm yumminess of traditions and objects that would become nostalgic to us later. The article's author discussed how it may be hard to catch that feeling as adults but that really Christmas is about creating that magic for the children in our lives. And so thus the grand idea of the Duke’s First Annual Polar Express Party began.

We played "Guess How Many Bells are in the Jar," drank cocoa (complete with a mini cocoa/marshmallow/peppermint bar), sang carols, played heads up 7 up, gave a bunch of mom's and dad's an hour off, and listened to the Conductor (my very awesome theatrically trained husband) read Polar Express to us! It was by far the BEST evening I’ve had all

december 23 Polar Express Party

december 23 Polar Express Party


brianna saban said...

you are officially THE GOOD NEIGHBOR.
what an amazing gift you gave those families and kids!



Heath said...

what a fantastic idea. you totally rock!

jess said...

holy heck, this is amazing! what a fun mom and inspiration you are!

Carin said...

What a magical night!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

My kids had a great time! You are awesome!