Sunday, December 13, 2009

me today dec 13

dec 13 Ah church, time to get everybody pretty while trying my darndest to keep the spirit with me. T went through 2 pairs of (dirty) pants and brought down the options of jeans of camo! LOL! The littles couldn't find stockings. C-bug did manage to get dressed in a cute outfit, realize her blouse had a spout on it and change into an equally clever outfit in 5 minutes flat... should have taken a pic of her cute outfit! (Imagine black flats, lacey type stockings, denim von dutch skirt, yellow v neck sweater with bright pink polo underneath! super cute!)

I knew exactly what I was going to wear today. I had looked though my Evernote notebook and was reminded of a cute boden ensemble I loved. Wish evrry day was that simple.

Today we did church, made this for dinner (yum!), and then went on our Secret Santa mission... rewarded with Krispy Kreme donuts (another yum!)

This is the outfit that ispired my look today. Ah to have a long pink velvet coat!

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