Friday, June 1, 2007

14 Days: I love yard sales!

Day 1 of the 2 week countdown til my birthday

My sister convinced me to not be responsible today with my busy plans for the weekend, and instead hunt down some Friday yard sales. I was pretty happy with what I found (a couple of great estate sales.) I managed a to find a couple of baggies of vintage buttons (swoon,) kitchy embroidery patterns, and this lovely old reader! There's plenty more that I found too, but this book has me excited for a project that I might be able to squeeze in during the weekend???

I'll post tomorrow's post now early, since I'll be away from the computer alllllll day.:(


Raesha D said...

Yeah for sisters! I am so jealous that you have two of yours here in town:) Looks like you found some cool goodies! I'm hoping to hit a few yard sales in RR while Miss S is at her art class in RR. Wish me happy treasure hunting!

dawn said...

you are your beautiful photographs! The buttons and reader are both gorgeous.