Saturday, June 16, 2007

Yard Sales with Vera :)

Vera napkins
I always find such great treasures, but never have I found anything "Vera!" After a long day we stopped at a church yard sale that was offering a $2/bag clearance of remaining items. I threw these 2 napkins in my bag almsot absent mindedly, just because I liked the flowers. It wasn't until I got home that I discovered they were by the coveted "Vera" that you see around on blogs...not that I have to have what everyone else has ha! in fact I'll be cutting these dearies up into something!

Also scored today was 2 lacy king sized flat sheets and pillow cases to make into curtains and a duvet cover for C's room ($10), a men and boys' pattern for shirt, shorts and hat (25¢), pyrex dishes: 1 yellow(50¢), little left over dish w/ lid(25¢), casserole dish(75¢), unused autograph book ($1), Tom Saywer (40¢), white ceramic flower basket (from $2 bag), zebra cluth for C(from $2 bag)

yard saling

Not in the picture, from the $2 bag: elmo T-shirt, girl's gap sweater, tank top for me, resin cowboy statue for a friend's daughter, 4th of July door wreath, plastic crown, and cheap-o hand bag for B. Only a couple things I didn't need ;)


Raesha D said...

What wonderful goodies!! How can you tell it's a Vera? Is her signature on there somewhere????

Berrie Wren Bowen said...

Great Finds! I remember my mom using a Vera sheet for our outdoor dining tablecloth. I think I'll keep my eye out for some. Thanks for reminding me of their appeal.
xoxo Berrie

jess said...

Love the pyrex!! I have had the hardest time finding decent pyrex here, especially with the lids, Lucky! (meant to sound like Kip from Napoleon) What is it that we find so appealing about Pyrex anyway, I see it and have to have it, especially the pink and blue pieces.