Thursday, June 14, 2007

14/14 Fourteen things about me on my B'day

In that hazy time as I was waking up from a nap yesterday, I had one of those sort of awake dreams about a handful of project ideas to things, that weren't on any list or seen in any book...just some inspired sleepy vision...I wish that would happen all the time.

This was the first, a bunny made with a cardboard thread cone for the body, adorned and slightly embellished...when I finished her todays I saw the future of cone based kittens and princess pugs dressed and ready for picnics???

I'm really impressed with myself that I blogged for 14 days straight. I'm not really sure if I have ever done it...maybe once around Christmas??? I got a little obsessed with one of my favorite numbers (14) and made a list in my journal of 14 things about me...I'll share:

1. I'm married to a crime fighting super hero whose alter ego keeps me well stocked in Butterfingers, homemade herbal tea, and too much sweet talk ;)

2. I am mommy to 3 tenacious redheads and think they should be called "Tenacious D"
My kids

3. I would rather drive a VW than a lexus
4. I'd be a vegetarian, if I didn't like steak so much...and I only eat it about once a month!
5. I've always wanted to like olives, but I don't.
6. If I could live anywhere, I would live in Southern California, near the beach
7. I'd like to sleep in a treehouse
8. I placed 3rd in a school art contest when I was in kindergarten, and might not be an artist today if I hadn't.
9. I like the beginning of seasons, but not the middle or end
10. I didn't keep any childhood friends...except my sisters
11. I have shared a bedroom with someone since I was a year and a half old
12. I have recently realized that pregancy has made some of my most timid fears into raging panic attacks (swimming in lakes and interacting with insects)
13. And despite this I am birthing w/o pain meds in about 14 weeks
14. Talking about myself, taking pride in (and sharing) my art is not something I ever did before I started blogging. In fact I was strongly against it because I thought it would give others the impression that I was conceited.

Thank you for reading my I've got to get ready to go out to dinnner with the hubs!


Raesha D said...

Are you sure that's not supposed to be mommy to 3 redheads??? You have to make me a princess pug!!! I would LOVE it to death!!

dawn said...

Happy Birthday my friend. And as one experienced with giving birth w/o pain meds... it was a piece of cake. I'm not kidding. He fell out.

Chara Michele said...

Happy Birthday!

Regina said...

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday Dear Moki.....
Happy Birthday to youuuu.

....and many mooooore!!

Yeah! I hope you have(had) a fantastic day and that there was lots of your favorite dessert involved. I really enjoyed the video and your list. I know what you mean about #14. I'm pretty sure that most of my family (sisters & parents) think I'm conceited, but my hubby and kids think I'm pretty cool so it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. Plus I have so much more creative focus now that I blog. Anyway, sorry about the long comment. I really just wanted to send lost of good kismet your way :)
Big Hugs, Regina

Amy said...

Happy Birthday to you! Hope it's been a great one :).

Joy Madison said...

happy happy birthday friend! I hope you enjoyed yourself!!!!!

Ali said...

Happy birthday!

deb said...

Happy happy to you! Your Tenacious D bunch is so cute!