Friday, June 8, 2007

Friday Night


Here's an old felt bead tutorial I orignally did for one of my old blogs...You can click on the image to get a bigger view that you are very welcom to print out if you want.

I am so glad it's the weekend. And even though I have a wee bit of a garage sale list, I'll be having a garage sale again instead...We're hoping for a better turn out on a non holiday weekend...but either way, I get to hang with my sister, drink lots of soda, and chit chat...and most importantly not do anything of REALY importance...something I have had far too much of this week and was wonderfully interrupted a couple nights ago my Tortuga Torte at a local cafe courtesy of the lovely, talented, and SO generous Raesha (Hey R, come by tomorrow for some chit chat ;)

Now I am off to pick one of 3 dvd's I borrowed from my sister to sit down to, while nibbling her homemade choc. chip cookies, and sip some nummy herbal tea :)


Raesha D said...

OOOH I sure will - I'll come by after I drop Syd off at her art class:)

jess said...

What a brilliant idea! Thanks so much for making this something that I can print out and tuck away in my book of things to do, what a "good neighbor" you are!