Friday, June 22, 2007

Not-so-baby B

B 3 (and 1 day)
She turned 3 yesterday...Guess I'll promote her nickname of baby to Big girl B or B-button or just B...

I love her cute little country dress my mom brought over for her last's from walmart! Remember when you wouldn't be caught dead in Walmart clothes...but you still had to wear them?!

My wish list turned out pretty good...chocolate cake became mint oreo ice cream pie, clouds did roll in but didn't rain on me, iron pills seem to be doing the trick, and one problem got I thought I'd make a list of things I'm enjoying:

just a boring pic of some things I'm enjoying today

1. a jar of sea glass I picked up on a WA beach a couple years ago
2. the color of my dried birthday roses
3. The colors in the apron Raesha made me that I should wear out in public over my big round belly! I think all men would secretly be attracted to my motherly goddessness ;)
4. Vintage paper doll dresses for some project
5. A houseplant for me to kill but is right now the most luscious shade of green

ohhhh and stay tuned to the School of Craft for a group challenge/assignment!!!


Raesha D said...

I'm so glad your day got better!!!

denise said...

Belated Happy Birthday to B! And, just love that dress. Seems that more and more, Walmart is becoming a decent place to find some mix and match clothes. :)

As for childhood, it was the Kmart clothes that I was forced to wear but hated. :)