Monday, June 25, 2007

Crafty Friends go surfing

B in reconstructed top

I don't mean to have the beach so on my mind...sometimes it just happens by when Raesha sent me this great craftster tutorial for making a men's shirt into an uber cute girls dress...and she knows I should be cleaning ;) but I end up finding an old torn thrifted shirt in my pile of fabric to make a shirt sized version for B...and while showing hubs how cool I am and showing him the vintage label that is now in the front of the dress...he says "Hey, that's Duke know, famous surfer...Noni has a picture of him in "Lilo and Stitch," etc. etc." I'm always surprised by the random things in my hubs head...and yet he can't remember how I like the drinking glasses stacked in the house we've lived in for 7 years!!!

Other crafty friend related things: Jess is hosting her first swap ever! and it's all about embroidery and buttons!!! Go join fast!

And Dawn is submitting a wicked great challenge post for the School of Craft that will be up this week...cross my heart and hope to die! (I've been aching to find a time and place to use that old phrase ;)


Raesha D said...

The dress turned out fabulous!! That is so cool about the story behind the shirt too and totally weird that Hubby knew all that....has he even ever surfed??? I'm off to check out Jess' swap (and join I'm sure:))

jess said...

I wish I could sew clothes! I love the colors and everything on this, I think the model makes it even more fantastic!

kami said...

That dress is gorgeous! Your blogs have seriously been giving me sewing withdrawals (my machine is stuck in storage and I can't dig it out until we move). Awesome job and what a beautiful little girl!