Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Another "It's still Wednesday in CA" post

the b's

I've been busy today. No craftiness to show you, only a cute pic from my client session this evening. Really great kids! Awesome weather! So pretty outside!

In the mean time I have asmall batch of orange kool aid dyed roving that needs to be spun (NO NOT SHEARED OFF MY OWN SHEEP JESS!) I'll use the nubby yarn with some that Raesha gave me for the "Woldorf style doll that I am making for B....and so much more than that going on. But the awesome thing is the session today was my last session until next year. Last year I worked well into December and didnt get anything done that I needed or wanted to until the very last minute. This year, even though I love doing people's pictures, I decided that I would stop doing sessions the weekend before Thanksgiving, allowing me more time with my family and holiday festivities. So as blog readers you can expect a little more on the crafty/baking/homemaking side of things.

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