Thursday, November 20, 2008

One down

B's doll

I confess! We've been playing Christmas music every time we are in the car, sleeping, on the computer, basically anytime we are near it. However, there is one time we do not play Christmas music, that is when Hubs is home and awake. So from 4-9:30 all Christmas music must be off. C-bug even reminded me before we got in the car tonight to change the station. Poor T and B, who don't quite get it yet, protested. Daddy explained to them that "Christmas is a month away guys!"

WHAT!? WHAT!?!!! only a month away?! Does this man know what he is saying?! I explained to him that it may be a way-far-in-the-distant-future-thing to someone that doesn't make Christmas lists, bake Christmas cookies, make/buy presents for the teachers, make gifts, help the kids make gifts, plan parties, address cards, decorate the house.. LOL the man lives in blissful ignorance! What about your man?


jess said...

I love the highlights and lowlights of her hair, she turned out super cute!!

Sabina said...

Adorable -- I've been sneaking Christmas music, but don't tell.

Happy Friday!!

Raesha D said...

She is absolutely adorable! the hair is PERFECT!!! OOHH funny - my comment verification word is "mulan":)