Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I'm in, and I'm not...

What I am in on:

What I am not in on:

I had a headache for the good part of the day sulking over the massive amounts of democrats in office! I've never been entirely to the right, I am very in the middle, but whoa! and then there's the whole barack thing! Sooo happy for us as a country and for African American's to finally have a black president... not the issue...the issue is the bandwagon so many seemed to jump onto because they hear an eloquent speaker use inspiring words like "hope" and "change." I too was very inspired by his words until I began to realize that's all he ever was saying... he even played his own supporters a couple of times... never mind, I'm going to get a headache again. Let me just say, for my record (as this is my blog ;) that I dont think people should vote or not vote for someone based on color, party, or inspiring words. or the amount of celebrity endorsements for that matter too! I wouldn't be so grumpy about this had he not been a hypocrite in his campaigning and talked more about his policies and solutions.

For more on "hope" read this this great talk and for someone who really knows what we need and what we need to avoid (including taxes, govt. run health care, simple liberties taken away, forced service, ect.) go read about the policies of the man I would have voted for.

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carin davis said...

Seriously...I keep seeing in my mind (aka...nightmare) a mass of voters from Jay Leno's street interviews (do you know what I am referring to...? those people that don't even know that where Washington DC is on the map...) running to the polls! It is a free country- and we should all have the right to vote is discouraging that many people just follow the masses and charisma- and don't take time to think through what they are doing. ahem...I will step off my soap box! :)