Saturday, November 15, 2008

Yummy Saturday

gingerbread pumpkin pie

My sister gave me a gift subscription to "Cuisine at Home." She's an awesome cook and just pours over this magazine every month, she saves them all in a big 3 ring binder, makes notes about how she changes the recipes, whether or not her family likes them, etc. After making pumpkin scones last night, I had half a can of pumpkin left over, not enough for a whole pie, but enough for 4 of these mini loaf pan sized gingerbread pumpkin pies. I dont know if I will ever make pie in a pie pan again. I like the compact, down home feel of a little rectangle pie. And the crust recipe is a simple butter only one, so yummy and a bit sweet too. mmmm

I spent the morning crafting at church with a bunch of ladies for our annual "Super Saturday" which is mormon for "Day on which we craft things with decals and black paint for Christmas gifts" (That's a little dig at these gals...we always do the same thing...some sort of black plaque with stuck on words or what not.) SO I just crocheted a little sweater for the baby I made instead and then ate yummy soup (Zuppa Toscano) that my sister made and chatted with our friends and came home and cleared out the studio because new cabinets and desk were coming and half of them got installed today and I am super excited about having somewhere to put everything...I hope everything. sorry for the run on sentence.

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