Thursday, November 6, 2008

pumpkin goodness

pumpkin scones

I can't remember if I posted the link to this yummy recipe before so here it is again. I change the recipe a little bit, I use half a can of pumpkin (not sure how off that is) and tonight I din't have any real cream so I used the tiramisu coffee creamer I use in my cocoa. The most important thing is to mix the wet ingredients in by hand. If you dont you end up with a vary sticky gummy, stretchy dough instead of a biscuit like dough. I dont frost mine at all. I like the pumpkiny slightly sweet taste and don't want to be overwhelmed with a glaze.

So tonight I am thankful that I know how to and love to bake. I love it more than regular cooking and I think people are more impressed by it??? LOL!

But it's really the one thing I do well that makes me feel like a good mom, wife, and homemaker all at the same time. I wish I was a better homemaker, but alas I'd rather be sane ;) ButI am thankful for baking, for good baked goods, for the internet's endless supply of recipes, for all it's yumminess that puts a smile across every face that eats the yumminess... mmmmm

p.s. blog readers I am really bad at responding to comments, I really appreciate them and all the support! thanks


Viki said...

I think I'll be trying those scones this weekend.
DH LOVES pumpkin! His love of pumpkin cookies 21 years ago helped creat our first 9 lb baby girl. Because if there is a cookie around, I'll eat it.


jess said...

YOu totally made amazing scones and put them on an amazingly cute plate just so you could take a great picture to post about didn't you? I'm going to try these tonight to go with dinner, thanks!

jill said...

ohhh my. I'm so hungry right now and those sound so good. I love pumpkin anything.