Monday, November 3, 2008

What to do today

Do you read Kelly? She's on my bloglines list of LDS blogs I read and she's also super creative and as far as I can tell a sweet mommy and gorgeous gal. She posted a list of things she'd be doing tomorrow instead of obsessing over election results...we all have an idea of what will happen anyway, right? hmmm

But anywho, my kids are home tomorrow, exercise class has been canceled, I myself was thinking of things that I need to get done and things I want to do and of course I have to blog about it, right? Besides it might give you some inspiration???

4 of 8 things to do on election day (cause I already voted)

1. Make caps for Soule Mama's new blog project/craftivism thinghere
2. Make a two tiered skirt for B for Christmas...super sute fabric I got, will post it later
3. Make B some Pillow case PJ pants...for Christmas???
4. Get some barettes to make some similar to this
5. put away halloween decor
6. Take my kiddos' christmas pictures
7. Mail off Lolliprop orders
8. Look for a design for a quilt for me
9. Make my kids mini albums for the Ali Edwards inspired December daily album


Viki said...

You are doing a Dec daily for each of your kids?!!!
Shock and awe!
I've almost got mine done, but hadn't thought of my 14 yr old doing one, wonder if she'd be interested. Hum...
I'll be clearing out the closet in the master half bath...Thursday they start tearing the bathrooms apart.

carin davis said...

how do you do it!? do you have 10 more hours in your day than i do!???
:) just checking....

dawn said...

ooo, I love the jammie bottoms. I might just make matching ones for my babies (for Christmas).

PS Moki, I've missed your inspiration so I can't tell you how happy I am to see you blogging everyday!