Monday, November 3, 2008

Thankful for the kiddos


have 4 kiddos. And when we are all together I could just about tear every last hair from my head...twice! But when it's just 1 or 2 of them at a time (usually one of the oldest 3 +baby) it's easy peasy and I have the sweetest children in the world.

I'm not a sappy kind of gal, so I seldom get teary eyed over sweet words or scribbled mothers day cards. My favorite moments are when my kids ROCK! They either say something off the wall hilarious or do something uber creative. Here are some examples:
1. T drew the most awesome tree I have ever seen a 6 year old draw! It had roots and branches and limbs and twigs, the whole deal! He told me we have the same talent "DRAWRING"
2. B tells me sometimes I'm a mean mommy! I think this is awesome! Because if I ask her why she tells me of some certain time that I wouldn't let her do something (like run in the street, eat a ton of candy, get another icee, etc.) It's always something that proves to me I am so not a mean mommy and actually a pretty good mommy. And the way she tells me is very matter-of-fact...never emotional or angry.
3. B tells me sometimes I am nice, this is usually for something extremely lame like sharing my gum, letting her wear a dress up dress out on errands, giving her my pickle... but hey! Whatever rocks your boat! ;)
4. If C were anywhere near my size (or vice versa) we would sooooo be borrowing each others clothes!I actually hadn't even thought about that until just this minute! I hope she has just as good taste in 5 years when she is a bit near my size...who am I kidding?! Sh'e going to be a toothpick her whole life!
5. E started really walking this week. She's known how for almost a month but would refuse to do it. She's so funny, having picked it all up from siblings, and she loves pringles and green beans! what a nut!
6. My oldest kid, the 33 year old, he works nights and will stay up when he gets home to get the kids ready for school while I get another hour of sleep. Then he wakes up from his nap and plays with them...he has his grouchy kid moments too ;)

my oldest and youngest ;)

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