Saturday, November 29, 2008

Home Again

Deitz Market

Have you been to Durango? We sure love it there! I took the above shot on a very very rare childless moment. Grandma agreed to watch all of the kiddos so my sister Nicole and I could do a little errand running on Friday. This is Deitz Market. It's a fun trendy stop on the way into town. Loads of tourists in their fur lined vests and suede boots.

So the first day: We loaded up most of the kids in my sisters big SUV for the trip up there! MMMM can you say heated seats for mamas and built in dvd player for the kiddos. We made 4 potty stops on the drive up. A 3 hour trip quickly became 4hours. Here's our car full of girls:

our car load

When we got there on Wednesday, we knew rain was coming. I went out immediately for a run, got 5 minutes out and got a phone call that my B had an (bathroom) accident, so I turned around to go help out. I figured I could catch an early run on Thanksgiving. But we woke to rain on Thursday. I love waking to rain! And it was great cloudy cold rain. Then just as the Macy's Day Parade Santa made his appearance, it began to snow! It was like magic! I thought for sure it would pass but it only got thicker and began sticking all over the valley. I laid down for a nap when there was only a light dusting and woke up to this:


By the end of the night we had another 4 or 5 inches

t and thanksgiving

The next day (before our trip to Deitz), my sister and I hung around the house with our kiddos while everyone else went shopping. We had to chase of a small herd of deer eating grandmas landscaping

deer at grandmas

We had good food, had some fun with my brother and sister, enjoyed the parade down main street, but I think we'll be waiting a few years before we do it again... a bit too many littles under the age of 5 and no dads around to help made it pretty difficult for my sister and I. Anyone have any good fun suggestions for next year? ;)


leaca said...

looks like a beautiful place.

Raesha D said...

Miss S and I will go with you next year ---- another momma to help with the 8 kiddos would be awesome:)

Amy said...

I love that picture of the deer.

I am impressed with your dedication to running. It is really the best way to get/stay in shape isn't it? I wish I could stick to it!