Tuesday, November 4, 2008

the day at my house

the boy

He's a bit goofy, but I caught his NORMAL smile here instead of his big cheesy grin he always has for pictures. Too bad I wasn't really ready for it when he did flash it.

So Carin, I dont have more hours in the day than anyone else. If I actually did get all those things done it would have meant that I neglected my house entirely...who am I kidding, I did neglect my house anyways ;) As long as I'm not walking on crumbs, mold isn't growing in the sink, or someone isn't coming over, I dont fret too much about the state of my house. I've been trying to change that, but seeing as my kiddos have pretty much grown up this way, they are the ones fighting me. See, the state of my house used to weigh heavily on me, really deteriorating my self confidence, I used to work really hard and still get discouraged, until one day I realized my house was just an object, and it shouldn't affect me or my soul if it goes uncleaned a few days out of the week. My top goals are clean socks and undies, clean dishes, family home evening,prayer and yummy food. Next on the list comes stories read, baths given, and baked goods. After that it's swept floors, clean laundry, tidy bathrooms and projects. Everything else including folded laundry, clean bedrooms, a mopped floor, cleared clutter...well I am working on a system...it's taking a while.

Projects I did do:

fabric for tiered dress

This is the fabric (in the washer right now) for B's skirt I will make her. I am making a 2 tiered skirt with plain dark brown, applique one of these flower bursts to a t-shirt and hunting for a long sleeved brown t to wear under it.

december daily journals for the kiddos

The December Daily Journals for the kids, made from dollar store address books that have a 6 ring binder and the plain pages measure 5x5 inches...it was heck to cut 78 pages and punch 234 holes! I am going to let the kids take pictures and do basic journaling...nothing as complex as my own daily December journal

I also got barrettes, but have to remember where I hid my glue gun...


Bassma said...


I came across your blog through your post on Apron Thrift Girl. You take beautiful photos and have a gorgeous family. :)

I am a photographer also and am trying to start a business of my own. I like your blog and will add you to my rss feed. :)

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Viki said...

Great little books.

I'll stop by the dollar tree today to see if there are any here in KY.

Glad you had a productive day.
I cleared out a closet and today I'm sad and worried because of the election.


dawn said...

a woman after my own heart. Luckily when my husband comes home and finds us all at the kitchen table laughing and doing something goofy, dinner not ready, house a mess... he couldn't be happier. It's all about family.