Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mess Undone

mess undone

I managed to re-stash the pile of stuff that was in the front room. The good news (for all of us here in this house) is that a charity called this morning to ask if I had any donations they could pick up tomorrow. What a wonderful coincidence!

Miss B is set up in the other room with a stack of Christmas videos (she already watched Charlie Brown and is starting on Miracle on 34th Street.) The baby did me an awesome favor and fell asleep for her morning nap in less than a minute. I think I'll grab a book, my organizer, my journal and a cup of cocoa and join B on the couch!

Things I love about B:
1. She makes the wackiest faces all the time. I should take some pictures and do a whole post about it
2. Her hand feels so tiny when I hold it
3. She sings with no restraint
4. She likes to take special trips to the grocery store just to buy gum from the gum ball machine
5. She reminds me of my mother in law who she never knew.
6. She says things wrong and funny like "there's none more"
7. SHe just came in to let me know the couch is broke and says she she did not jump on it "nope, I didn't" so I better go see what's up.

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jill said...

that photo is adorable! today lia came up to me and said....the water in the toilet came up and up and then got on the floor. sigh. kids are fun. (she had stuffed yards and yards of tp in the toilet, then flushed it.)