Friday, November 14, 2008

This one is for a New Mexico Friday ;)

inspired doll

This is what I was working on. I gave my finger a good poke once and almost bled all over the poor thing. Want to know what she is made of so far?! A sock of Ceili's that has had a missing match for 7 years (since we bought them!) a peach rank top I wore once and some unused quilt batting! I am so using what I have tonight!!! The only problem is I need to find some great bits of yarn to do the hair.

She is totally inspired by these cuties and I used a couple of tutorials I found around. I want to make another one for B but seriously doubt I will.


Liz said...

You are so cool. Can you mail me some of your crafting talent so I can be cool too?

Seriously, the doll is soo cute! Any names yet?

Raesha D said...

She's darling! I totally want to make one for Miss S. I have some reddish brownish orangish wool yarn that would make really cool hair. Want me to bring it to super saturday?