Monday, November 17, 2008

Tagged with a meme tonight

My photog friend, Liz tagged me so whats a girl todo? I tried to have fun with this one ;)

7 Things I can do:
1. Let my house go for the sake of creativity of any sort ;)
2. Change the radiator in a VW golf, clutch cable too!
3. eat my weight in scones
4. get 99.9% of the kids I meet to warm up to me in less than 5 minutes
5. jiggle my eyeballs
6. play a couple of songs on the ukulele
7. climb a tree

7 Things I cannot do:
1. understand why a lot of Christians and a lot of gays and lesbians (and their supporters) dont see what a pack of hypocrites they all are
2. remember which light switch goes to the fan and which one goes to the light after 9 years of being in this house!!!
3. Hold my temper and/or disdain in a lot fo situations
4. Go to sleep without checking on all the kids even though C-bug is 12 now!
5. get out of bed before 7 am
6. get in bed before midnight
7. there's not much I cant do ;)

7 Things that attracted me to Hubs:
1. He had a freakish magnetism about him LOL!
2. We have a TON in common as far as interests go
3. His testimony of the Gospel
4. ya know 7 things is along list after you've listed physical attraction, personal attraction and spiritual attraction
5. He can get kids to warm up to him quickly too
6. His passion for politics and history
7. He knows how to have fun

7 Things I say most often:
1. I love you
2. It's time to get up
3. Time for ni-night
4. Who wants a scone?!
5. What's happenin' hot stuff? (response for this is: Ohh sexy girlfriend!)
6. Let the dogs out please!!!
7. Pass the chocolate syrup and the ding dongs...ok maybe not but I feel like it at the end of the day ;)

7 Celebrity Admirations:
1. Does this mean, what I admire about certain celebrities? Because
2. I am sure there are some celebrities that I think are pretty swell
3. Like maybe Brad Pitt with a the humanitarian stuff he does, I'm all
4. about a guy with a heart (and a roll of hundreds! ok not!) I love
5. Jenny McCarthy has been very active in educating people about autism
6. even if it usually is to promote a book she's written, we all gotta
7. make a living you know. I feel like I'm forgetting someone...hmmm

7 Favorite foods:
1. My lemon ginger scones
2. Or any of my scones for that matter
3. The giant sugar cookies you can buy at Disneyland back in pooh's corner
4. Mardi Gras Pasta from Pappadeuxs
5. Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas
6. plain oatmeal with crystalized ginger and milk
7. a good sweet ripe peach

7 People to tag:
Oh I never tag anyone, but I'm always interested if you do the meme, so let me know

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@ndy B said...

Dr. M,

I did it, are you happy now? My worst fear....people getting to know me.