Friday, November 7, 2008

Grateful for Sisters


I got a phone call from my sister, Nicole this morning, inviting me over for some hair clip crafting! She had stopped by Michaels and picked up some ribbon and embellishments. I went and picked up all my supplies after that. At her house she had set up a work station for each of us. Upside down cookie trays, scissors and a glue gun for each of us... and her glue guns are awesome! They are gigantic and heavy duty and have magnets on the bottom of the handle so they stand upright on the cookie tray! How cool is that!

I am so thankful for my sisters. Nicole and I are alike in ways that turned out to not be so good as teenagers (and also not so good every few years at family functions ;) We both are very passionate about our opinions and such. We are both total goof balls! One time we came across this list 101 ways to annoy people and we did a few at a big family dinner (I'm talking like 5 years ago when we were both in our 20's!!!) Well lets just say we did annoy a few people including my mom who ended it right then and there. I also am grateful for Nicole because we go to church together and can always offer support to the other. Our girls are the same age. It goes: Nicole's oldest 5, My B is 4, Nicole's 2nd is 3, my e is 1 and Nicole's baby is a baby (we have another niece that fits right in at 2 years old. So our girls always play together and Nicole is an awesome aunt...she always thinks to get something for my kids, whether it's bringing extra fruit snacks or turning extra happy meal toys over to us.

Alissa is the sister that is between Nicole and I. In high school we became best friends. We had the same group of friends for the most part, shared a couple of boys ;) partied together, snuck out in the middle of the night to go to 7-11 for snacks. Now we sneak out in the middle of the night to go to Walmart for snacks. She totally tolerated me last weekend when I got a little midnight hyper and was being pretty goofy in the aisles of Wally world and played Rockband for the first time ever!!!! totally cool! ya know, now with Alissa, she probably knows most of my life's secrets, probably more than anybody in the world. She knows when I need a pick me up and what to do about it. She dishes out just the right amount of sympathy, listens so patiently, and helps medicate me with just the right snacks ;) SHe started working aagain a few months ago and I dont get to see her as often as I like to.

Gabi is the youngest of the sisters. Unfortunately we only see her about once a year. She is a super chef and you can taste the yumminess she makes at the Glass museum in Tacoma, WA. When she comes down here, we can totally depend on something delish for a dinner. And what an aunt to all these kiddos here! They flippin' love their aunt Gabi! She's soooooo patient with them and will even take the time to do a shopping trip with one of them and maybe host a tea party every now and then! She's super fun!

I should mention our brother Dieter (pronounce like "peter") He's the youngest and probably had to endure heck with all of us girls, but he always had things to do thanks to us. I can remember playing catch with him a few times and I'm sure he just LOVED being dressed up in frilly dresses and wrapped in blankets to be the baby anytime we played house! LOL! He's so awesome though! He knows all kinds of computer stuff, which helps when I have computer problems and he knows all kinds of Volkswagen stuff which helps when I have volkswagen problems! haha! HE is a great uncle too. He will get goofy with the kids but he totally knows how to get them to knock it off and he doesn't hesitate to do so which is pretty amazing in a guy that was the youngest and never really had any kids around to "raise."


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